Our local Spice Girls will be delighted to fill your orders

  You can buy when you visit us or you can buy by mail.

You can order by Mail (or e-mail)

Vanilla Beans 25 count                US$xx

Vanilla Beans 250 grams             US$XX

Vanilla Extract, 12 x 50 ml           US$XX

Vanilla Extract, one liter              US$XX

Cinnamom powder, 6 x 50 g       US$XX

Black Peppercorns  6 x 50g        US$XX


Shipping & Handling for spices:  Add 25%

Payment in advance by international Money order, or by bank cheque mailed to Spices of Fiji Ltd

GPO Box 120 Suva, Fiji (or Telegraphic Transfer to ANZ Bank, House Branch, Suva, Account No. 149 4088, Swift No BF JFX).  e-mail address: Click on -


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     Biological Farmers of Australia

Fresh Organic Spices on Sale - certified organic by B.F.A.