Dr. Ronald Gatty is the father of Fiji’s   spice industry. He is a Tasmanian , raised in Fiji. Son of the famous aviator Harold Gatty, first man to fly an aeroplane around the world, in 1931 with the American Wiley Post, in a Lockheed Vega. And it was Harold Gatty who founded what was to became Air Pacific. But young Gatty struck out on his own.

  Ronald studied botany at Cornell University and served as a professor over a couple of decades at City University of New York. He became for a time Plant Explorer for medicinal plants in the South Seas for a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical company. And he returned frequently to Fiji.

    Some 20 years ago he settled back in Fiji to pioneer the land at Wainadoi in  virginal jungle and rain forest, close to Suva. This was the origin of Fiji’s unique spice gardens certified organic by Ecocert.

   Now Gatty carries on as a volunteer consultant, teaching the young people to care for the plants.  He has expanded beyond the Spice Garden with a Nature Garden having all the useful plants of the tropical islands.

    Gatty also pioneered the notion of Spice Girls in Fiji.  The tone is set for joyful and youthful laughter. Youngsters take loving care of the plants. And Ron Gatty thinks they keep us all cheerful and young in spirit.