Our Nature Garden


   Here at our Nature Gardens you see a whole variety of exotic trees, shrubs, vines, herbs, grasses (including bamboo), tropical fruits and native vegetables, medicinal plants and dye plants. Plants that are used for weaving. Flowers that are used for garlands and for perfumes.  Exotica simply to look at and marvel.

   You can go with guides or roam alone. Labels around the plants will show the names. Our guides will tell you their stories. They can demonstrate the use of the plants, and  show you how they are cooked and eaten or used by our native people You may like to taste some that are edible.

Native Fijian women and men will show you all that we offer. They  can explain how Fijians (and our local Indians) use the plants in their daily life. Above we have a native Rotuman Fijian, a fair-skinned Polynesian, and on the right, a dark-skinned Melanesian highland lass.